Curfew me carefully

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Our lockdown restrictions seem to have created a new dating scheme for me. We had our first date outside, great conversation, perfect vibe between us and then – things got flirty, it got sexy and getting closer to sunset, usually I wouldn’t have thought about it twice where this would have led to
still under curfew I had to consider:
Do we like each other enough to spend the next eight hours together?
Will we finish too quickly and afterwards it will get awkward?
Or even if he could show some psychopathic behaviours in the end?

Pre-Covid I’ve never really had these questions in mind but according to the rules in that moment back then and with the fact in mind that you’re stuck with each other in worst case, with no option to flee – unless you would risk to get caught by the police – it brought me to some unusual hesitation.

Fortunately he came with me in the end. And stayed over night.
And stayed with me for the next four weeks until he had to move back to his hometown.

with @ozntrkylmz

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